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Neuro-Oncology as a discipline involves more than just the care of brain cancer patients. We also care for patients with all types of systemic cancer (breast, ovarian, testicular, prostate, lung, renal, etc) who have developed any neurologic complication of their cancer. This includes chemobrain, painful peripheral neuropathies, back pain, seizures and any symptom that can arise from the intersection of cancer and the nervous system. Virginia Mason physicians are experts in diagnosing these conditions, critical to a patient receiving the most effective treatment. Once a diagnosis has been made, our surgeons, neuro-oncologists and radiologists come together to create a patient-centered care plan that will result in the best possible outcome for him or her. These physicians are supported by many other health care specialists experienced with neuro-oncology care including:

  • Nurses
  • Dieticians
  • Social Workers
  • Occupational and Physical Therapists

Access to Innovative Care

Neuro-oncology tumors can be treated by surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. An innovative advancement in care that is now offered at Virginia Mason is the Novo-TTF (Tumor Treating Fields) now known as Optune, a noninvasive system that creates an electrically charged field around the tumor to disrupt the growth and reproduction of cancer cells in the brain.

Whatever the chosen treatment, neuro-oncology patients will have a care plan developed exclusively for them that is consistently evaluated and adjusted as needed.

Cooperative Care

Neuro-oncology patients benefit from the open, respectful and intelligent consultations of caregivers from multiple disciplines. Same-day appointments are often available so therapy can begin immediately.

Personal Guidance

A cancer care manager is always available to answer questions and assist neuro-oncology cancer patients with coordination of their care every step of the way, from diagnosis through recovery.

Neuro-Oncology Clinical Trials

Patients may be eligible to participate in national, regional and local studies that help identify the best approaches to treatment. These studies give Virginia Mason patients access to cancer care not yet available to the general public.

Wellness and Rehabilitation

Patient needs are continually assessed and addressed to minimize the effect of cancer on overall health and happiness. We enhance our patients' quality of life — in treatment and recovery — through an emphasis on cancer wellness and rehabilitation.

Questions About Neuro-Oncology Care at Virginia Mason?

To learn more about neuro-oncology care at Virginia Mason or to make an appointment, please call (206) 223-6193.