Evidence Based Imaging Program

Inappropriate use of advanced imaging is a significant component of excess cost in US healthcare. Further, use of imaging when unnecessary puts patients at risk from overdiagnosis, and from imaging related complications, including from ionizing radiation. Accordingly, since 2005, Virginia Mason has had a rigorous program to insure that imaging use is guided by the best available evidence. Appropriate use criteria (AUC) are evidence based rules to identify when imaging may be indicated. These AUC are incorporated into the provider computer order entry system for outpatient advanced imaging. Use of AUC at Virginia Mason has led to a 25 percent decrease in imaging in defined clinical scenarios where over imaging is prevalent nationally.

This webpage contains links describing the Virginia Mason Evidence-Based Imaging Program, including the process by which AUC are developed and modified, the core team responsible for the program, and the AUC themselves. As of Dec. 20, 2016, the Virginia Mason AUC are developed and modified in compliance with the new federal AUC requirements under the Protecting Access to Medicare Act.