Current and Past Residents

Meet Our Current Residents

Nguyen CaoNguyen Cao, PharmD

Hometown: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Education: University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Pharmacy, 2020
Professional interest(s): Ambulatory care
Why I chose Virginia Mason: Virginia Mason appealed to me because of the institution’s emphasis on patient safety and the culture of mutual respect and collaboration among team members. This PGY1 program was unique because of its wellness initiative and because of its selection of ambulatory and acute care rotations.
Hobbies: Cooking/baking, outdoor activities

Amber Duldulao, PharmDAmber Duldulao, PharmD

Hometown: Kaua`i, Hawai`i
Education: Washington State University School of Pharmacy, 2020
Professional interest(s): Internal medicine, ambulatory care, geriatrics
Why I chose Virginia Mason: I applied to Virginia Mason because of the diverse selection of required rotations, focus on patient and medication safety, and supportive environment provided by preceptors. I believed that Virginia Mason could challenge my critical thinking and enhance my patient care skills in a collaborative health care environment.
Hobbies: Hot yoga, hanging out with my dog, Hazel

Meet Our Past Residents (2019-2020)

Sarah Kim, PharmDSarah Kim, PharmD

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea/Bellevue, WA
Washington State University College of Pharmacy, 2019
Current Position: 
Inpatient clinical pharmacist at Virginia Mason
How did Virginia Mason prepare your for the next step of your career:
Completing a PGY-1 residency at Virginia Mason allowed me to practice pharmacy at the top of my license in both clinic and inpatient settings. The variety of rotations during the residency year led me to become a more well-rounded practitioner and helped in making an informed decision on my career path. I came out of residency with a better understanding of both inpatient and ambulatory practice, as well as our pharmacy profession and health care systems in general. I’ve also met amazing co-residents, preceptors, and co-workers who have all taught me tremendously along the way.

Amanda Popek, PharmDAmanda Popek, PharmD

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ / Bellevue, WA
Education: University of Washington School of Pharmacy, 2020
Current Position: Inpatient pharmacist at Virginia Mason Medical Center
How did Virginia Mason prepare you for the next step of your career: Residency was a time of both great personal and professional growth. I learned to become comfortable working in the grey areas – a skill that is invaluable for any new practitioner. In addition to further developing my critical thinking, interprofessional communication and clinical skills, our program provided numerous opportunities to further develop as a leader in the profession. By engaging with other health care practitioners, we facilitate meaningful change and establish a culture of teamwork and respect which is integral to providing high quality care.