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Published Digestive Disease Articles

The quality, multidisciplinary patient care and original research of the Center for Digestive Health team is published and presented each year in hundreds of original papers and book chapters and at regional, national and international conferences. See a partial list of recent articles, abstracts and book chapters below. Additionally, the Center for Digestive Health sponsors numerous patient databases, ranging in topic from Inflammatory Bowel Disease to Colon Cancer Screening, that supports both research and patient quality initiatives.

Pancreatic—Biliary System

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Peri-ampullary and Pancreatic Cancer

  1. Alemi F, Jutric Z, Marshall GR, Scott EJ, Grendar J, Roch AM, Pereira LL, Cheng AL, Hansen PD, Ceppa EP, Asbun HJ, Warner S, Alseidi AA. Preoperative imaging characteristics predict poor survival and inadequate resection for left-sided pancreatic adenocarcinoma: a multi-institutional analysis. HPB (Oxford). 2020:1216-21.
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Therapeutic Endoscopy

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Esophageal Disorders

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Small and Large Bowel

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