Obtaining Your Comparison Mammograms

Always keep your mammogram results and other medical records in a safe place. Having prior mammograms available for the radiologist reading your films each year is the key to an effective breast cancer-screening program.

The original mammogram films are the most valuable to the radiologist. While it is possible to make copies are far inferior to the originals in diagnostic quality. Many facilities will charge you a fee for making copies for their institution to keep if they are releasing your original films.

If you move to another city, it is wise to request that your mammogram films and reports and other medical records be released to you personally, and you can then take them with you to your new medical facility. Medical facilities are required by law to release these records at your request and then send the films and reports to us. They may ask you to sign a release form. You may download and print the request form (please use the form for the Virginia Mason location of your screening) and use it to obtain your records from a prior facility. Please let our scheduling staff know whether you will hand carry your films or have them sent to us.

If you are not sure where your mammograms were done before, the first thing you should do is to contact the physician who ordered them. He or she should have a copy of the report in your chart. Again, it may take several days for your chart to be pulled and the information to find its way to you. The best time to search your records is before you need them.

Our Release of Information Specialist (206) 341-0782) will be happy to assist you in locating your mammogram films if you need them for another institution. If your records are already at Virginia Mason, we will retrieve them for you before your arrival. You may also download and print these request forms. Please use the form for the Virginia Mason location where you will have your mammogram.