Patient Interaction Volunteer

Bring your warmth and compassion as you interact with patients, family and team members.

Concierge Cart — Connect with patients while bringing items and services to the patient’s bedside via a mobile cart.

Gift Shop — Provide customer assistance to patients, families and staff; operate a cash register and stock supplies.

Patient-Family Liaison Emergency Department — Nurture, support and serve patients or family while waiting. Assist staff in the Emergency Department.

Patient-Family Liaison Infusion Center — Nurture, support and serve patients or family at our Outpatient Infusion Center through wayfinding, assisting in the Family Resource Centers or visiting patient-family members through rounding.

Therapeutic Music — Provide a warm, comforting, friendly, and calm atmosphere by playing instrumental music for patients and families in hospital common areas and in patient rooms.

Volunteer Companion — Provide empathy and emotional support by spending individual time visiting with the patient or family.

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I like to interact and speak to patients. Being a concierge cart volunteer, I help patients and make their lives a little easier in a fast-paced environment.” — Steph

Being a Volunteer Companion is one of the most interesting roles in health care. You don’t have time limits on patient interactions so you’re there to be compassionate for the patient in need. Kenny