Scheduling Your Mammogram

You may schedule your own mammogram if:

  • You don't have any problems or lumps
  • AND you are over 40
  • AND you have never had breast cancer
  • AND your mammogram is NOT a follow-up from a previous abnormal mammogram
  • AND you wish to schedule your mammogram at least one year after your last one
  • AND you can provide the name and address of a current primary provider (physician or ARNP)

There are two ways to schedule:

If you discover a lump or other breast problem

Even if you have already scheduled your screening, please call your primary-care provider immediately for a breast exam prior to your mammogram. Also, Virginia Mason's Breast Clinic offers same day appointments for any breast concern. You can schedule an appointment by calling (877) 433-9813.

If you have ever had breast cancer

Your physician should schedule your mammograms for you in conjunction with your regular follow-up visits.