Volunteer from Home

Patient Volunteer from Home
Rory lives in Alaska

Volunteer from the comfort of your own home.

Interview or Questionnaires

Participate in a one-time phone interview or fill out a questionnaire about your health care experience.

On-line Reviewer of Materials

Review patient/family educational or marketing communication materials for readability, simplicity and understandability. Emails come intermittently

Listening Sessions

Open to all to collaborate and share experiences by joining remotely (via the phone or computer) to a live session so that you can hear about what other volunteers in our community are doing. Held once a month and on the third Thursday of each month.

Ready to volunteer?

Call us at (206) 583-6507 or get started with your volunteer application.

Become a patient-family partner link


It was so easy and rewarding to be able to volunteer without having to even leave my house. I never had to battle traffic!” — Marta

Volunteering from home gave me the flexibility I needed to give back to Virginia Mason without interrupting my busy schedule. Katrina